First, Financial Advice & Planning


The Process of Realising Your Life Goals

With many dreams and aspirations, we help you identify your important life goals by understanding your unique individual needs and risk appetite. We then devise a robust plan that will guide you throughout your working life and into retirement.

We specialise in providing expert financial advice and investment solutions that can help you best prepare for surprises and economic downturns while building and maximising your wealth.

What You Need to Consider

Creating a good financial plan is not just about saving or investing.

It is about knowing yourself – your financial ambitions, your risk tolerance, your spending behaviour and your life goals.

It is about protecting the two most valuable things you have – your life and health and then investing to build wealth for the long term.

It is not one-plan-fits-all. Your life keeps changing and so do your goals. You need to review your plan regularly.

Life is a journey and so is your financial plan. Our team of professionals can guide you every step of the way.

Understanding your needs – At the beginning of your journey with us, we will take the time to get to know you, your unique needs and goals to gain a thorough understanding of your current financial situation. This will involve helping you to understand your attitude to risk and to assist in developing your objectives. 

Creating your plan – From here, our advice and research teams work together to design a financial plan to help build, protect and manage your wealth. This plan will step you through the strategies designed to maximise your current position and guide you through the investment options available to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Putting your plan to work – After a thorough client consultation process and discussion of the financial plan, we implement the advice we have provided in accordance with your specific requirements.

Monitoring your progress – The key to the long-term success of your financial plan is ongoing management. We commit to working with you to adapt your plan as your priorities shift over time and to help you realise your goals along the way.

Your plan will show you how we, as your trusted partner, will monitor, review and safeguard your future, ensuring changes in the economy, legislation and your personal circumstances are considered, and adjustments made where needed.

Second, Private Wealth Management


Your Assets Are in Good Hands

When selecting the right advisor to manage your wealth it is best to look for one with significant experience in providing strategic wealth management services, one that has clear autonomy to construct the right plan and one with strong expertise in portfolio and risk management, as well as having the right licenses to provide you with access to a broad range of products and services. 

Although we take a global perspective, our wealth practice is firmly rooted in Hong Kong advisory culture. We ensure our clients’ investments are managed by applying robust, repeatable investment and governance processes, based on the firm investment beliefs and best practice processes you would expect from an institutional asset consultant. So, our clients have confidence knowing they are being looked after in every way.

What You Need to Consider

Some investors have had poor experience with financial advisors and private bankers who push investment ideas that are too complex, expensive or more speculative in nature with little probability of turning out in the client’s favour.

The most recent pandemic crisis revealed some client portfolios were overly exposed to concentrated, risky investments that resulted in margin calls and substantial losses. Even with good intentions, not all wealth advisors are able to autonomously select the most appropriate solutions for implementing the advice they are giving you.

We are experienced in delivering expert wealth management and investment solutions, and our advisors have the autonomy to select the right solutions for you.

We offer a better kind of wealth management solution, applying the craftmanship of our experienced advisors to set appropriate return and risk objectives, where products and investment outcomes are vetted with institutional rigour.

Third,Portfolio Management

Portfolios that Protect Through the Economic Cycle

We create and deliver solutions that help manage risk and grow wealth to achieve your mission and objectives. We have an institutional background but adopt a flexible, consultative approach, and we aim to be your trusted partner through your investment journey.

We build and manage portfolios that will protect through the economic and investment cycle with a robust investment process, a deeply experienced and qualified team with a focus on achieving investment objectives. Our transparent, collaborative and repeatable service sets us apart and helps us improve your investment experience for the better.

Mission and Objectives

Our process starts with you – your mission, your objectives, your goals. Our Investment management process is a framework for maximising the likelihood that you achieve your objectives.

Portfolio Construction

We use a repeatable process to determine long-term asset allocation targets. This helps us diversify across a range of asset classes and repeatably manage risk and return to increase the likelihood of achieving your mission and objectives.

Manager Research and Selection

Our expert Manager Research Team is experienced with a repeatable process supported by deep quantitative research and a clear, actionable set of core beliefs. We choose the best managers from a universe of thousands to support portfolio returns and risk management – all aimed at achieving your long-term goals.

Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation is disciplined, repeatable and managed within a clear risk framework. We can make changes to reduce exposure to downside risks, protecting your wealth and supporting your journey towards your mission.


Good governance is critical in managing risks that could result in you missing your long-term objective. Our investment management governance framework is clear, robust, internally and externally reviewed and managed by global experts in the field.

Four, Financial Planning

A well-grounded financial plan is essential for anyone who wishes to accomplish specific financial objectives. Cookie cutters don’t work for us – and we believe they don’t serve the interest of our clients either.

Through our systematic process, we’ll create a personalized holistic plan – for the short, intermediate and long-term, that will help fulfill your overall financial strategy.

Our planning process is intensive, and we do it using a consultative and interactive approach. Each session brings us closer to helping you achieve the financial objectives that we set out together.

From total-care plans for the spectrum of your life to targeted areas of concern, we’ll help you identify key goals, replacing emotional guesswork with informed clarity, so that you can make the best choices for you and your family.

The foundation of your financial plan is rooted in your unique goals and objectives and may encompass some or all of the following components: Investing, Tax planning, Insurance planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning, and much more.