Investor Feedback

From debt to own my own shops

Published at 30th-August,2022

Hi, my name is Devi. I invested in a shop in 2019, but unfortunately in November 2020 my shop went bankrupt due to the pandemic. And the stocks I invested in also lost a lot of money, which made me very frustrated. At the same time I was in a divorce situation and my wife was leaving me. I had to apply for a loan from the bank to support me and I have 2 children to support. One day I met a friend of mine on the way home from work, and we exchanged a few words with each other. 

When my friend learned about my situation, he recommended an investment to me, AE investment advisory company BTC seconds contract trading. He said that there are very good analysts out there who are issuing trade orders every day to guide people to profit, and I was a little hesitant at the time. After I got home I called my friend hoping he could help me get into this investment because I needed to make money. My life was so bad that I needed money and I joined this investment later. As my friend said, analysts guide me to profit every day. I am very grateful to my friends and even more to AE Investment Advisors, my life has changed dramatically now. Many of my loans are slowly being repaid, and I believe I can continue to invest in reopening my shop in the future. This all stems from the help of AE Investment Advisors, and here I am very grateful to you!


  1. Vikash shil ranjan

    Vikash shil ranjansays 21:45 PM

    The number of AE users is large, the transaction scale is large, and the profit is better. As a stable investment in the digital currency industry, Bitcoin with a large market value is still the first choice.

  2. Ivetta Shah

    Ivetta Shahsays 16:26 PM

    AE not only brings a better experience to platform users, but also actively enhances the user experience, and has been committed to providing users with the most secure, convenient and professional currency trading services.

  3. Dinesh kumar karkade

    Dinesh kumar karkadesays 16:39 PM

    Since I joined AE, I will not be so blind when investing, let experienced analysts guide me, make the right investment, and also get profit, I am very grateful to AE Investment Consultants.

  4. Jahangir Ullah Wani

    Jahangir Ullah Wanisays 12:54 PM

    AE investment company not only has a professional analyst team, but also can bring very professional information to users who operate BTC, understand the transaction details in an all-round way, and provide a very safe trading platform.

  5. Philip  Shrigley

    Philip Shrigleysays 21:08 PM

    I met a AE company at my friend's place by chance and got in touch with BTC, so I invested a bit. Under the guidance of the analyst, I made a lot of money, especially thanks to AE, and also to my good friend.