Investor Feedback

Invested BTC has greatly improved my life

Published at 14th-August,2021

I am a journalist from Canada, I love travel and photography, my dream is to travel around the world, in order to fulfill the dream of global travel, I invested in the stock market and foreign exchange market in 2020, which caused me to lose a lot of money, borrowing money everywhere, looking everywhere People borrowed money, and because of the epidemic, I lost my job and I had no source of income. At that time, I was very helpless. It was not until I had the opportunity to introduce AE Investment Consulting Company through a friend at a dinner party that I slowly learned about AE . With the mentality of trying it out, we reached a cooperation with AE company.

In order to complete the dream of global travel, I have cooperated with AE company for a year, and I can get at least 500-800USDT of profit every day, and now what I am most looking forward to every day is waiting for the analyst to bring guidance.

I am very happy. Now my loan is almost paid off and the previous stock and foreign exchange losses are slowly recovering. I would like to thank AE for all this, and it is AE that has brought me profits.

Under the guidance of the analyst, my life is getting better and better, and my dream of global travel has been fulfilled. I invested in a second BTC contract with AE , giving me extra income.

I will continue to cooperate with AE company, thank my friend very much, he let me contact AE company,

Finally, I would like to say a word to AE Investment Advisors: Thank you, you have greatly improved my life.


  1. Nihar Mahakud

    Nihar Mahakudsays 22:35 PM

    I am very optimistic about AE. It has a technical foundation for safe and stable operation, full-process technical support, a compliance risk control system, and is characterized by sharing and mutual assistance.

  2. Bharat solanki

    Bharat solankisays 23:06 PM

    AE companies have achieved a relatively stable position and development potential by relying on their strong background strength.

  3. Summi Yadav

    Summi Yadavsays 22:46 PM

    Blockchain and digital currency are a trend. How to seize this opportunity and achieve overtaking on a curve needs to be figured out by oneself.



    I will try it when I see my friends investing. I didn’t expect to make the first fortune in my life. Thank you AE and also the analysts of AE. If you are interested in investing, I recommend everyone to choose AE investment consulting company!

  5. Venkatesh Ullah Wani

    Venkatesh Ullah Wanisays 16:37 PM

    The AE company provides our investors with high-quality, in-depth, and cutting-edge blockchain information services. Thank him very much.

  6. Suraj singh chawla

    Suraj singh chawlasays 20:08 PM

    How bold and prolific people are, thanks to AE companies for letting me buy a car and a house, what I didn't even think about before has now come true.

  7. Jodie Miller

    Jodie Millersays 18:05 PM

    The information is updated accurately, and the transaction is smooth, safe and reliable.