Investor Feedback

Investment experience of middle-income earners

Published at 15th-October,2021

Hello, I'm John Peek and I'm a computer expert. Salary is around £3000 per month. I'm stressed out due to financial stress and the need to repay the loan, so I'll try to find various investments online, but the returns are minimal and it takes a cycle to get them.

While talking to my colleague about investing, he recommended bitcoin futures trading to me, which got me interested in bitcoin futures trading. I was desperate to get this investment to ease my life and my mortgage, so I tried a £1,000 investment. After investing, I did make some money and tried to exit to pay off the mortgage. This gives me confidence in the platform and AE International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.  I wish I could always get help from AE Investments to increase my economic freedom


  1. Pampi Patowary Sarmah

    Pampi Patowary Sarmahsays 23:15 PM

    All research and technical specifications that underpin AE are publicly released and designed by a global team of experts who are leaders in their respective fields.

  2. Santosh kumar sahu

    Santosh kumar sahusays 21:05 PM

    AE company updates market data in real time, synchronized with the international market, 24-hour analyst 1-to-1 service, stable, fast, flexible, and safe in fund custody.

  3. Vishal Talekar

    Vishal Talekarsays 20:26 PM

    AE company's operation, security protection and other strengths have been highly recognized, making it a trading platform that is both profitable and safe.

  4. Mohamed Ziauddin

    Mohamed Ziauddinsays 18:42 PM

    The safety and speed of AE trading services, the most comprehensive and professional services for investors, and the most important thing is to serve investors well and bring benefits to investors. This is the reason why I choose AE companies.

  5. Jahangir Naidu

    Jahangir Naidusays 14:57 PM

    With years of industry influence, AE has become a digital currency industry portal with huge traffic.

  6. Ahamed Gousar

    Ahamed Gousarsays 12:26 PM

    AE company is my trustworthy investment company. It especially protects users' funds security services and professional analyst guidance services. They have done a very good job, and trading in it is very reassuring.

  7. Dhiraj Jena

    Dhiraj Jenasays 19:22 PM

    AE company's efficient and stable platform technology, experienced technical team, and high-quality project resources, I think it is the best choice for investors.

  8. Elmina Ayesa

    Elmina Ayesasays 14:08 PM

    All data is transparent, you can check it on it with confidence, the details of the transaction are provided very well, and there is a safety factor to protect it!.