AE : Under the epidemic, companies need the wisdom to turn crises into opportunities

Published at 17th-August,2020

Covid-19 has been effectively controlled in Hong Kong, but the global epidemic is still in an outbreak period, and many countries have entered a state of emergency, which has brought great uncertainty to the global economy and financial markets. The epidemic has exerted heavy pressure on some industries, and many companies are facing pressure to survive.


The environment is a double-edged sword. While every crisis brings great challenges, it also brews hidden opportunities. The crisis has redefined the market structure. Only those companies that correctly recognize the crisis and make radical changes can turn the crisis into peace and become the real strong.


Grow against the trend and consolidate the core competitiveness of enterprises. This epidemic is a test for individuals, enterprises, and the entire country. It not only tests response speed and work ability, but also tests internal immunity, crisis response capabilities, and balanced development ability. It is not only a verification of the company's business philosophy, but also a review of the crisis response ability of the company's senior management team.

Facing the new situation and challenges of Covid-19, MPIS, as the pioneer of the innovative model of Hong Kong's wealth management industry, under the leadership of various leaders, MPIS recognizes the situation, actively responds to it, and works creatively. Through effective strategic deployment, each The business made steady progress and achieved growth against the trend.



All MPIS members strengthen collaboration, improve efficiency, deepen their thinking, and do their best to turn crises into opportunities. MPIS continues to consolidate investment and research risk control, product access, organizational construction, and human development internally, and externally continues to improve service quality, refine service processes, innovate service models, introduce high-quality resources, emphasize brand building, and enhance brand influence and communication. .


MPIS is people-oriented and pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees. The company actively responds to the government's call to work from home during the epidemic, and adopts a daily health reporting mechanism to keep abreast of the health of each employee. MPIS has adopted a number of measures such as video conferencing and multi-party collaboration, and all work is carried out in an orderly manner. MPIS holds online coordinating meetings every day to clarify the subject content, do a good job breakdown, and conduct daily work analysis and summary.


Since the on-site office day, MPIS has purchased a large number of anti-epidemic materials such as masks, disinfection tissues, and disinfectant for all employees to ensure the safety of the working environment to the greatest extent. In the weekly work meeting, the management emphasizes epidemic prevention matters and puts forward specific epidemic prevention requirements.


Use information technology to improve customer service quality. With the development of information technology, more and more modern wealth management services use information technology as the carrier. Whether it is investor education or a series of wealth management service links such as promotion instructions, electronic operations can be realized online, forming a closed loop management.


For financial consultants, making full use of various online tools to work creatively is the best way to carry out customer service under the epidemic. It is also a beneficial behavior to help investors fight the epidemic to maintain wealth and stability during special times. It is beneficial to others and to society and performance of actively contributing a strength.


For investors, the market uncertainty brought about by the epidemic will certainly bring a certain amount of negative sentiment. At this time, professional financial advisors should help investors stabilize their minds. Although the epidemic has a short-term negative impact on the economy and investment, the kinetic potential of China's long-term economic development remains unchanged, and future investment opportunities still exist.


Although the epidemic has pressed the "pause button" for many things, MPIS provides professional and high-quality services to customers non-stop. MPIS invites star asset managers and wealth management experts to launch hundreds of "online classes" through online interaction, continue to provide wealth planning and asset allocation suggestions, and provide valuable references for customers' investment decisions.


MPIS pursues professionalism and empowers consultants to make the leap. While achieving steady development, MPIS integrates comprehensive finance, expertism, and platform economy, launches a variety of financial income plans, and uses professions, resources and mechanisms to provide financial consultants with professional development energy.


In the context of rapid change, financial advisors can only gain insights into the development laws of Hong Kong and the Asian wealth management industry, keep up with the pace of the times and continuously improve their professional standards,  then financial advisors always gain the trust of customers and achieve outstanding careers.


Through the MPIS platform, financial consultants can obtain high-quality resources, industry wisdom and practical experience, continuously improve their knowledge structure and professional skills, and achieve career transitions. When faced with complex issues, financial advisors can obtain "1+N" services. For example, each advisor can receive all-round support from experts in many industries, so as to serve customers with better quality.


Under the epidemic situation, all MPIS employees are united and dedicated to their work, using professionalism, persistence and creativity to make a difference. Whether it's consolidating its own business, caring for employees, improving customer service, or fulfilling industry responsibilities, MPIS has embodied the pioneering demeanor of the wealth management industry.