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Comprehensive financial planning requires you to think through the full range of financial challenge


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About AE International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

Calmly and Competently Leading You to Financial Security

Earning and keeping your trust is central to everything we do at ISI Investment Advisors . Since our founding, we’ve committed to holding ourselves to exceptionally high ethical standards.

In business, we focus on 3 things.
  • Exceptional Client Service
  • Reliability
  • Internal Expertise
Transparent process

Why Choose Us

We offers a large firm’s breadth & depth with in-house analysts, a powerful trading system

Proven internal expertise

Our team of advisors work closely with our research and investment experts.

Professional and personal methods

Our advisors deliver the best possible service and options for you.

Strategies and models

Help you compare your current financial situation with the outcomes that can be achieved.

Broad investment range

We apply the best products and services that are in your best interests and are fairly priced.


We Are Financial Advisors – Not Salespeople

As a fee-only financial advisor, we strive to serve you, not to sell products.

Exceptional Client Service

In the corporate environment of large brokerage and investment management firms, your best interests often come second to the firm’s desire to maximize profit.


Fee transparency, advisor availability, plus clear and simply-worded messaging are the foundation of your peace of mind.

Investment Strategy

We approach every decision with thoughtfulness and analytical rigor. We stick to our guns through the market’s ups and downs, don’t chase fads.

Knowledge of the market

Only the best professional services

Financial Advice & Planning

Focus on providing professional financial advice and investment solutions.

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Private Wealth Management

Advisors with extensive experience in providing strategic wealth management services.

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Portfolio Management

Provide solutions that help manage risk and increase wealth.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is the cornerstone of financial success.

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Investor Stories

Recent news

Our latest insights and resources on financial and investing topics.